Mouth Guards

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Phoenix Mouth Guard PatientYou expect to see a mouth guard on a high school football player.  But did you know that anyone who participates in a high-risk sport - including basketball, hockey, baseball, gymnastics and volley ball - should wear mouth protection?

Mouth guards typically protect the upper teeth from sports-related injuries such as broken teeth or a blow to the face.  Children and adolescents suffer more injuries to their teeth, jaws and head due to sports than do other age groups.

Phoenix Dentists, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Tenney join the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics in recommending mouth guards to reduce injury.  There are several types of mouth guards that a Glendale Dentist, such as Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Tenney, can recommend.

Stock mouth guards
This is the least expensive.  It can be purchased at many sports stores.  However it can be difficult to adjust and can interfere with breathing.

Mouth-formed (“boil and bite”) mouth guard.
This guard is softened in hot water, then cooled somewhat, before it’s placed in the mouth to “Form” to the teeth.  The fit is better than a stock guard and it’s usually more comfortable.

Custom-made mouth guard
Fit to your mouth by your dentist, this is the most expensive—and the most comfortable. These guards can be fabricated in many designs and colors.  An impression is needed and then several days required for fabrication

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