Friday, November 26th, is National Flossing Day – a day intended to get people thinking about their flossing habits and to make changes that can help to improve their oral health. Do you floss? November 26th offers a great opportunity to reflect on your habits and to recommit to flossing daily in order to help prevent easily avoidable dental health and beauty problems.

Floss removes plaque, bacteria, and food particles from in between the teeth. This not only helps to eliminate common causes of bad breath, but it also helps to prevent gum disease, tooth infection, and cavities. Flossing just once a day can help to prevent tartar build-up, helping to protect tooth enamel and decreasing the amount of time you have to spend getting your teeth scraped during routine visits to our office, which in turn can save you time and help ensure the most comfortable experience.

You don’t have to use string floss to get the benefits of flossing. Water flossers, pick floss, and other devices are available that help to make flossing easier for some people. If you have questions about which flossing product will be most beneficial for your needs, we’d be happy to provide suggestions during your next visit to our Glendale office.

How to Floss

To floss, take a section of floss and wrap each end around your pointer fingers. Using your pointers and thumbs, work a clean section of floss in between each tooth, being careful to follow the tooth from just below the gum line all the way to the crown. Try to avoid forcing the string in between teeth, opting instead for a gentle back and forth motion to help encourage the floss in between each tooth. If you are new to flossing, be patient, it can take a few weeks to get used to the process. In time, however, the task will become much easier.

It is best to floss before you brush to remove the largest amount of plaque and debris. During your next routine visit, we can provide further instruction if needed to help you get the most out of this important step in your daily oral hygiene routine.

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