Many of the New Orleans Saints players (nearly 40 according to the LA Times) are wearing the Pure Power Mouthguard. This fact was brought to light in early November when the Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football by NFL coach-turned-broadcaster Jon Gruden.
Gruden gave the PPM priceless publicity when he raved about the product. He said the mouth guards were among the factors that gave the Saints an advantage. A few days earlier, Gruden had undergone his own PPM fitting, and he plans to wear it while working out. “If there’s 2%, 5%, any percent of benefit, and it’s goof for your safety, who are we kidding?” “This is a game of inches, man.” Gruden should know, since he wears a super bowl ring!
Is it working for the Saints? They currently have the best record in the NFC!!
Dr. Wilcox is one of only 400 dentists around the country trained to fit the PPM and the competing product from Under Armour. A computer monitors the muscles in an athlete’s face and a low voltage is delivered through the jaw to determine the optimal bite location. The mouth guard, either an upper or lower is then built to those specifications.
So what makes the PPM the Maybach of mouthpieces, setting it apart from the boil- and- mold versions you find in a sporting goods store? Both protect the teeth but the PPM is based on neuromuscular dentistry. The PPM is designed to align the lower jaw in an optimal position and thereby help align the rest of the body. When you have total alignment, you have increased strength, balance, range of motion, and an increase in flexibility.
A study at Rutgers University concluded the mouth guard enhances peak power output and performance in explosive, short duration bouts of exercise.
Gruden, for one, is convinced. He said player have told him the mouth guard makes a difference, and he believes that sets it apart from gimmicks and devices people have previously pitched to him. “I’m the most skeptical guy there is,” he said. There’s a billion gimmicks, and I’m skeptical of all of them. But this thing is worth people looking into, I’ll say that. You’d have a hard time fooling with pro players. An NFL player would not put a mouthpiece in his mouth if it didn’t work. That I do know.”
The mouth guards are not just for football players, but for all types of athletes including baseball and basketball players (Shaquille O’Neal is a wearer) , boxers, swimmers and golfers. Dr Wilcox has noticed increased strength and increased driving distance on the golf course.
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