Dentures were once manufactured as a “one size fits all” dental appliance. The dentures that your grandparents may have worn were designed in several different sizes, and they had to pick whichever fit their mouth the best. After applying messy adhesives to the gum-side of the denture plate, these dentures were fastened to the gum line, leaving users feeling less than secure. Unfortunately, these dentures would often fall out at inconvenient times, cause embarrassing popping sounds and create difficulties with eating and talking. At Desert Smiles in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Donald Wilcox, DDS and his team of Phoenix dentists can create well-fitting dentures that allow you to live your life the way you would with your natural teeth. Modern Dentures Today’s dentures are not your grandparent’s dentures. They utilize the latest in dental technology and are custom designed to fit your unique mouth. This means that your dentures will look, feel and function like your real teeth. Modern dentures offer a pain-free and non-invasive solution for missing teeth, while creating an aesthetically pleasing smile. Partial dentures also offer a quick solution for one or more missing teeth that can be removed easily to clean. If you are interested in learning more about modern-day dentures, please contact our Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office today to learn more. Desert Smiles also serves patients in the Peoria, Arizona area.


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