Although many of the Phoenix-area patients who visit Desert Smiles in Glendale seek out our cosmetic dentist for complex services such and dental implant placement or smile makeovers, here’s a reason to simply keep up your routine dentist office visits: To stay healthy overall.

New links between dental problems and larger health issues are being discovered at a rapid pace. In the last few years, problems with teeth and gums have been closely associated with diabetes, dementia, heart disease and even pregnancy. So the first person to recognize symptoms of a serious medical situation may in fact be your Phoenix-area dentist.

Some of the things that have been linked to dental condition include:

  • Pregnancy:  Extreme redness of the gums can indicate pregnancy quite early on. Your gums may need extra special care and more frequent dental cleanings during your pregnancy to stay healthy.
  • Heart Disease:  Heart problems and dental problems are so closely linked, that treating your periodontal disease may even help improve an associated heart condition.
  • Diabetes:  One recent study found that dentists were even more likely than endocrinologists to recognize the connections between gum disease and diabetes, and to recommend follow-up care.
  • Dementia:  In 2013, the Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria, which is a common periodontal disease culprit, was found to be present in the brains of patients with dementia, suggesting that there may be greater link between the two. While more research is needed, there is a strong correlation between dental hygiene and the development of dementia.
  • Cancer:  Oral cancers can be difficult to notice in their early stages, yet they are more deadly than other cancers that people are more aware of. Your Phoenix dentist can often spot the warning signs before you notice any changes.

If you are in the Phoenix area and want to learn more about the connections between your oral health and your total well being, contact Desert Smiles in Glendale today at 602-978-1790, where we skillfully manage cosmetic dentistry issues, restorative dentistry issues such as implant placement, and general preventative dentistry.

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