Perio Protect is a comprehensive periodontal treatment approach thay we offer here at DesertSmiles at our Glendale dental office.  Recent studies continue to show that nearly half of all adults have some degree of gum disease.  The connection between oral bacteria and systemic health continues to be demonstrated in the medical literature monthly.  Although some periodontal treatments require surgery or or ineffective, the Perio Protect tray system is a simple treatment that reaches where your toothbrush, floss or mouthrinse can not.

The Perio Protect tray is similar to a mouthguard but designed with a special seating system to deliver medication below the gum line.  You simply place the medicaiton in the tray and wear if for at least 15 minutes a day between dental visits – its that easy. It treats the bacteria causing your gum with hydrogen peroxide based gel and in some cases localized antibiotics.  This can greatly minimize the need for surgery and systemic antibiotics.

Bacteria reproduce by the millions very quickly under the gums following preventive dental visits and cleanings.  But using the trays between professional visits, patients get far better results than with cleanings alone.  The Perio Tray is designed specifically to combact oral bacteris and supplement dental hygiene visits, helping you keep gum disease under control.

For more information about Perio Protect tray treatments or the finest in cosmetic dentistry in Glendale and Phoenix, visit for more information.

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