You cannot be healthy overall without good oral health, according to the U.S. Surgeon General. Poor oral health can lead to infection in your mouth and gums (periodontal disease), tooth loss and an increased risk for heart disease. It can also inhibit your ability to chew and eat certain foods, which can lead to poor nutrition. Pregnant women with poor oral hygiene are at risk of having babies with a low birth weight. If you are diabetic, you may have a hard time controlling your diabetes and maintaining your blood sugar levels if you have poor periodontal health. At Desert Smiles in Glendale, Arizona, Dr. Donald Wilcox DDS and his team of talented Glendale dentists want to make sure your mouth is healthy and your smile is beautiful. Consequences of Bad Oral Hygiene Oral problems that persist can result in lost time from work or school and high dental bills to correct problems. The most severe cases can result in death and disability from oral cancer. By maintaining good oral health, you can guard your mouth against countless diseases and conditions that can harm your self-esteem, enjoyment of foods and your overall health. Here are some tips for good periodontal health: •Brush twice daily •Floss once daily •Drink fluoridated water •Refrain from using tobacco products (smoke and smokeless tobacco) •Wear a properly fitted mouth guard during contact sports •Limiting your intake of sugary foods and beverages •Maintain routine checkups and oral cancer screenings If you are looking for a talented, experienced dentist, please contact our Glendale dentist office today about our services and treatment options. Desert Smiles serves patients throughout Glendale and Peoria, Arizona.

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