Porcelain crowns are used to restore teeth that have extensive decay. Repairing large areas of decay with a regular “filling” would cause the tooth to become weak and probably break. A crown allows for a strong and esthetically pleasing restoration of a damaged tooth.

Porcelain crowns are created in a high quality dental laboratory. Scottsdale cosmetic dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox works closely with the artisans at the dental lab to create dental crowns that are perfectly color-matched, vibrant, and lifelike in appearance.

Empress Porcelain is the material of choice because of its translucent appearance and its ability to reflect light. These qualities make it a perfect cosmetic match next to natural teeth, and the strength and durability of porcelain ensure that the restoration will remain beautiful for many years.

The procedure to place a porcelain crown usually involves two visits to Dr. Wilcox’s office. During the first appointment, your tooth will be numbed and decay will be removed. The tooth is prepared to receive the final crown, impressions are taken, and models are created to send to the dental lab.

A temporary crown will be constructed that will enable you to smile and chew with confidence until your permanent porcelain dental crown has returned from the lab. While wearing the temporary crown, it is important to treat it gently. Floss very carefully and avoid sticky candy. If the temporary crown does fall off, call us immediately so that it can be re-cemented.

At your second appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the new porcelain crown is permanently cemented in place. During the second appointment, your bite will also be checked to ensure complete comfort and optimal jaw health. You will also be checked to make sure that the contacts between your teeth and your new crown are correct.

Remember that your comfort is important to us. If you are anxious about receiving your porcelain dental crown, please let us know. Dr. Wilcox offers many options to make your visit relaxing and comfortable, including nitrous oxide and sedation dentistry.

Please contact our Scottsdale cosmetic dentist today for more information about achieving a beautiful, healthy smile using porcelain crowns. Desert Smiles serves patients in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, and Glendale, Arizona areas.

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