The PPM® or Pure Power Mouthguard® offers both professional and amateur athletes clinically proven improved performance in a wide variety of sports. Clinical trials at Rutgers University have proven that using this custom fitted appliance (called a PPM or Pure Power Mouthguard) provides significant improvement in strength by 15% to 30%. Flexibility, range of rotation and endurance are all enhanced. How does it work? By placing your jaw in its physiological rest position, the tension in the muscles is released allowing better balance and muscle alignment. The results are immediate and amazing.
During the 2010 Superbowl many members of the New Orleans Saints wore PPM’s during play.

If you are a candidate for Pure Power Mouthguard, your neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Wilcox will use computerized jaw tracking equipment to determine your optimal bite. Impressions of your teeth will be made and your PPM will be fabricated at a special lab. Your final fitting and delivery will be completed during your second appointment.

Professional athletes and amateurs have discovered that using a PPM improves their games – golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, running, yoga, weight training – almost any athletic effort is improved by using a PPM. Only a small number of elite dentists with significant neuromuscular dentistry experience are certified and qualified to fit patients with the PPM. Dr. Donald Wilcox is the only PPM certified dentist in Glendale, Arizona. For more information on Pure Power Mouthguard and how it can enhance your game contact us today to schedule a consultation with your Glendale neuromuscular dentist.

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