Taking into consideration the latest research, released from the British Medical Journal in November of 2016, states that periodontal disease with high risk pathogens is causal for arterial sclerotic vascular disease.  Due to this and countless other recent medical research linking oral bacteria with multiple systemic diseases, we continue to expand our use of saliva testing to identify the specific types and levels of bacterial present in our patients’ mouths. Once we’ve tested we know exactly what type of periodontal disease we are dealing with.  All periodontal disease is created equally, those diseases driven by high risk pathogens are not always associated with deep pockets.  You can not determine the extent of the disease acitivity just by looking, regardless of pocket depth.

For the latest in non surgical periodontal therapy including saliva testing and Perio Protect  contact our dental office.  To be certain your oral bacteria levels are not contributing to periodontal disease or systemic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, a visit with one our professional hygienists can get you started down the road to better health.


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