Tooth bleaching can cause a temporary increase in sensitivity to pressure, temperature, and touch in your teeth. This side effect is the most common after in-office power bleaching, where a high concentration of bleach is used to brighten your smile. Some patients also report spontaneous shooting pains (called zingers) that occur down the middle of their front teeth. Dr. Donald Wilcox, DDS at Desert Smiles in Phoenix, Arizona offers the latest technologies for teeth whitening so your teeth will feel little, if any sensitivity after treatment. Are You at High Risk? Patients who are at the highest risk for having sensitive teeth after a whitening procedure are those with: •Gum recession •Significant cracks in their teeth •Leakage due to faulty restoration Whitening sensitivity typically lasts one or two days. However, in severe cases you may experience this side effect for a month or longer. Toothpaste containing potassium nitrate can help alleviate sensitivity. If You Already Have Sensitive Teeth If you have naturally sensitive teeth, you can still undergo teeth whitening treatment. A milder version of the whitening gel can be used for take-home trays. However, you may want to opt for in-office power bleaching, because it is faster, produces immediate results, and requires the bleaching gel to stay on for a much shorter period of time. If you have sensitive teeth and are interested in teeth whitening, please contact our Phoenix dentistry office today to schedule your consultation. Desert Smiles also serves patients in Peoria, Arizona.

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