At our Phoenix dental office we provide snoring and sleep apnea solutions, and CPAP alternatives for Glendale and Phoenix patients.  Sleep problems are very common but very under-diagnosed by most doctors.  Patients with sleep disorders are more likely to need more health care according to the National Health and Nutrition Survey.  Of the 2,000 men and women participants, 99% reported at least on sleep complaint.  The average number of sleep complaints per participant was 4.2. Other survey findings: 45% said they snore 45% have excessive daytime sleepiness 54% do not get enough sleep 12% stop breathing or gasp while sleeping Of those struggling with sleep issues, only 24% told their MD about their sleep difficulty.  This lead researchers to find that 4.6%  had received a sleep apnea diagnosis,  but 33% had probable sleep apnea from screening their symptoms. Patients with sleep problems are more likely to suffer from many chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, gastric reflux, heart disease, depression and even cancer.  Those with sleep issues missed two times the number of days of work. So if you want to do whats best for your health and your job security: Talk to your MD about sleep issues Don’t ignore snoring.  It is usually more serious than an irritant to your bed partner. For more information about the finest in cosmetic and sedation and implant dentistry in Glendale, visit Dr. Donald Wilcox and the team at DesertSmiles.

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