There can be several causes of tooth staining. Foods and beverages, aging, oral hygiene habits, and certain medications can all serve to discolor or yellow the teeth, creating the most common cosmetic dental problem experienced by adults today. Fortunately, even the most drastic tooth staining can be treated, and with his personalized approach to dental care, Dr. Tenney can help you determine which option will be best for your needs.

Common Causes of Tooth discoloration
Common Causes of Tooth discoloration

Enhanced Cleaning

Surface stains can often be polished away through enhanced cleaning. This starts with a professional cleaning at Desert Smiles and continues at home, every day. During your next visit, we can help you choose the best toothbrush and toothpaste for your teeth based on factors such as restorations and enamel health. Taking time to brush your teeth after every meal and snack will go a long way towards keeping your smile sparkling and white.

Changing Habits

You may want to change habits to help prevent staining. This includes refraining from any tobacco use, reducing your intake of starchy and sugary foods, and drinking darker liquids through a straw. We can discuss these methods in greater detail during your next office visit.

Cosmetic Solutions

Some stains demand a cosmetic solution. At our Glendale office, we are pleased to offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening services that are very effective at removing surface stains, even those that cannot be removed through enhanced cleaning. In-office whitening can lighten your teeth several shades in just one hour while take-home options allow you to brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home. Both options can produce remarkable results.

When staining is extreme or lies underneath the enamel, porcelain veneers may be a more effective option. Veneers are placed over stained teeth to create a natural-looking and stain-free appearance while also treating issues such as chips and cracks, size and shape irregularities, and gaps, making them a very versatile solution.

In some cases, one option is better than the other. In some, combining treatments produces the most pleasing results. The best way to learn which will be of greatest benefit to your smile is through a one-on-one consultation at our welcoming Glendale location.

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