Missing a night of sleep forces the body to burn about an extra 160 calories than it would have during eight hours of sleep.  But it’s no weight-loss miracle: The body tries to make up for the loss by saving more energy than usual the next day and night, according to research published in the January edition of the Journal of Physiology.  The finding that sleep deprivation increases energy expenditure should not be interpreted that sleep deprivation is a safe or effective method for weight loss.  Many studies exist that show chronic sleep deprivation is associated with impaired cognition and weight gain.

If you snore, have daytime sleepiness, weight gain or hypertension you should be tested for sleep apnea.  At DesertSmiles we help many Phoenix and Glendale patients have improved health and happier bed partners with oral appliances.  Visit www.DesertSmiles.com for more information about Phoenix smiles and sleep dentistry.

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