The term “selfie” is one that has taken off in recent years.  In 2013, selfie was named Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, primarily because of its prevalent influence on modern society.  A selfie is simply the common name for a photo self-portrait, usually taken with a camera on a mobile device.  The selfie craze is one that has spread all over the globe: everyone from movie stars to professional athletes and even the President and the Pope has published selfies over the past years.

The widespread popularity of taking selfies means that people are looking to improve their appearance, making selfies more attractive to other people.  As with any type of photo, your smile is a huge part of taking an attractive selfie that you are satisfied with.  Your smile and the selfie craze is more related that you may have thought.  At our Glendale cosmetic dental office, the DesertSmiles team has helped make several hundred of our patients “selfie ready” with various cosmetic makeovers.

Your selfie is a way that you can show off your appearance to the outside world; many people take selfies as a way to let others know about a new hair style or fashion accessory.  Many others use selfies to share fun activities with friends and family as a way of staying in touch and expressing themselves.  Whatever reason you have for taking a selfie, a great one requires a confident “SELF ImagE”.  It is difficult to express the fun and joy you want to share with an unattractive or guarded smile.  When you are not confident and proud of your smile it is difficult for your personality to shine through the camera.  Fortunately, you can do something about it.

The professional dental team of Dr. Donald Wilcox at our Phoenix cosmetic dental office can help you get your smile ready to join the selfie craze. There are several alternative treatments that can be effective for helping you improve your smile, including veneers, bonding, crowns, and whitening treatments.  There is never a charge for a consultation to talk about your desires and advice of how to achieve your goals and dreams.  We have helped hundreds of patients from Phoenix and Scottsdale become selfie stars.  Visit or call 602-978-1790 for more information.

Taking a great selfie is a modern right of passage in today’s world.  Having an attractive smile will be a huge asset for anyone who is looking to post attractive selfies that presents to best you possible.

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