Why is a smile so important for business communications?  How can such a simple gesture have such a big impact on the way we communicate?  At our Glendale dental office

we can attest to the power of a smile in business from feedback from a multitude of patients in various walks of life who have had cosmetic makeovers provided by Phoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox.


The answer lies in the way that humans are naturally programmed to react to smiling.  When a person smiles genuinely, it causes a contraction in the muscles around their eyes and the corners of the mouth.  Research from the Association for Psychological Science shows that when people experience these authentic smiles, their brains see a boost in happiness.  The act of smiling in itself can be the catalyst for a wave of chemical releases in the brain associated with the sensation of well being and happiness.  At DesertSmiles we can attest to this fact in the experience we have enjoyed in enhancing hundreds of smiles for our patients.


From a communicative standpoint, smiles are extremely important for what they signify.  Someone who is smiling is a person who is trustworthy, attractive, and easy to approach.  It is no wonder why so many people attempt to capture themselves smiling in a genuine way when they go to take portraits or capture images for their web sites or business marketing materials: the right smile can make the difference between someone seeming cold and unfriendly or happy and easy to be work with.


One of the single most effective ways to obtain a better smile is to improve the appearance of your teeth.  In a survey published in the Mirror, it was reported that 58% of all men consider a woman’s teeth when they are judging whether or not they are attractive.  Whiter, brighter and straighter teeth are what people think of when they consider what an attractive smile consists of.  If you understand the value of a smile in business and want to do everything possible to improve the way yours look, at DesertSmiles we offer complimentary consultations to show you what can be done to create a smile to help you succeed both personally and professionally.  For more information visit www.DesertSmiles.com to learn more about the finest in cosmetic and implant dentistry for patients in Glendale and Phoenix

treat your smile to the love it deserves

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