Dental amalgam or silver fillings have been used for almost 150 years. Initially created as a low cost alternative to gold fillings, the original recipe contained silver shavings, zinc, copper, tin and mercury. We now understand that mercury is a powerful toxin although its effects on the human body when used in dental amalgam are still not fully understood. This controversial substance is still used by some dentists because of its low cost, but at Desert Smiles Cosmetic & Sedation Dentistry we prefer to use the highest quality materials available to restore our patients beautiful smiles.

In addition to the toxic mix that makes up dental amalgam, there are other risks to these old fashioned fillings. The amalgam material is very sensitive to temperature changes – it expands and contracts in the presence of heat and cold. This causes small cracks in the filling which can cause tooth sensitivity or even weakening of the tooth. The tiny cracks also allow bacteria to enter through the filling which leads to additional tooth decay.

Modern dental science offers many choices in white filling materials that are bonded to your tooth structure. These composite materials protect against future decay and help strengthen the tooth as well. Once bonded in place, a composite filling won’t change shape or be affected by what you eat or drink. Best of all, because these fillings are matched to your natural tooth color, they are virtually invisible when you smile.

As time goes on, more dental practitioners are following the lead of dentists like Dr. Wilcox and getting the mercury out of their offices and out of the mouths of their patients. Better health and a more beautiful smile can be achieved with the replacement of old fillings.

If you live in Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale or the greater Phoenix area and are concerned about your old mercury fillings contact the experienced dental team at Desert Smiles Cosmetic & Sedation Dentistry to schedule a consultation today.

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