Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Analysis by Dr. Wilcox

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: A smile analysis is what we perform for our prospective cosmetic patients. It's a comprehensive evaluation of all the aspects related to how their smile looks and their facial appearance.

So to do that we will take a number of records of photographs of the patients, some models usually in X-rays and we will also sit and talk about their goals and desires. And then we go through a whole evaluation of how the teeth look: their shape, their size, their color, are there spaces. We're going to check the health of the gums and the bone tissue, and how does that look appearance-wise. Is it uneven or showing too much gum? We're also going to check the bite and facial appearances and position of the lips.

All these kind of issues to see all the factors that are going into the smile and how they're looking. And then we'll sit with our patient and review all the photos and get their goals and show them what's possible. Together we'll come up with a treatment plan that will reach their goals, enhance their smile and give them the appearance that they've always wanted.

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