Dental Bonding vs. Porcelain Veneers Explained by Dr. Wilcox

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Patients often ask, "What is the difference between cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers?"

Cosmetic bonding is a composite material that we apply directly to the teeth here in the office. It is a one visit procedure. The composite materials come in a wide varieties of colors and shades and so that we can mix and match and blend those to match your current tooth's color. And create a lot of smile changes, color changes, we can fill in spaces, we can correct the alignment of teeth. It's a great procedure for youngsters or teenagers who are not old enough to go onto the porcelain veneers at this point. They're not facially developed and it can last for a number of years. Biggest disadvantage of porcelain, I'm sorry, of cosmetic bonding is that over time it can discolor and stain a little bit. We're always are happy to polish it as often as a patient can come in and let us do that to prolong the life of it.

It's biggest advantage is just conservative. It's less costly than veneers and it can serve a wide range of problems.

The veneers have more flexibility, they can create a longer lasting restoration. They will never pick up any color or stain. So that's one of their big advantages. They are a much more permanent solution to it.

But both can create a great change in your smile and we do both here in the office, sometimes even in combination cases. So we will sit and talk and decide which area would work best for you, for your appearance, and your budget.

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