Do Porcelain Veneers Fade or Stain? | Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox, Glendale, Arizona

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Video Transcript: We’re often asked about, when we’re doing porcelain veneers, how long they’re going to last and is the color going to be stable. And the great thing about porcelain veneers, because it is a glass material, is that yes, the color is stable – they do not stain over time. Which is a tremendous advantage in cosmetic dentistry. So the color that you receive once your restoration is placed, is going to stay and be long term for you. The one thing that we have to develop along the way is if we’re doing a small number of veneers where we still have a number of natural teeth showing in the smile is that we will always have everything matching at the time that we start, but because porcelain never changes over time and natural teeth can discolor, we need to update the bleaching on the natural teeth over time to keep the color match in place – which is no problem, we do this currently all the time. But, that allows you to do less veneers and get a perfect result and still be able to maintain it long term.