How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Your Smile?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Porcelain veneers are the most common ways that we do cosmetic makeovers but there are many other options.

One of the options would be orthodontic treatment. We don't do orthodontics in this office but we have quality providers that we do refer to. Because if you have nice looking teeth but the position or the alignment of them is detracting from your smile, correcting this can create a beautiful smile.

The other options is cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is just a composite material that comes in many different colors and shadings and is applied directly to the tooth. It is very conservative, it's a less costly procedure. It works great for smaller cases, spaces, these sort of smaller issues with a smile and can get great results. It's great for young people who are maybe aren't old enough or facially developed for veneers and it can create a great result.

Sometimes simple bleaching of the teeth, nice looking teeth but the color is not as pleasing or as white as the patient would like. So simple bleaching can often improve one's smile greatly.

Sometimes it's simply a matter of just cosmetically contouring the teeth. Changing the shapes and the lengths and evening things up can often times make a big improvement.

And sometimes it is just a matter of a combination of these factors. Sometimes we can even use veneers and bonding together, or orthodontics and bonding together. So there's very many options and each case is very individualized and unique to that individual.

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