How Can I see What My New Smile Will Look Like?

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Transcript: One of the apprehensive things for a patient considering cosmetic dentistry is trying to visualize what their smile is going to look like when they’re completed. And, we certainly understand that and we do everything we can to help you get a sense of how things are going to look - the enhancements that you can make.

The first thing we’re going to do is look at your current photographs and evaluate your current smile, see what areas that are of concern to you and show you other cases that we have done that are similar to yours so you can get a sense of how the quality of work is going to look and the changes that can be made.

Another thing that we will do is, we can do a cosmetic computer image showing you a potential after case of how your smile will look through a computer imaging program - and this will certainly give you an idea.

We also sometimes will do a mock-up in your mouth using bonding material just to change the shape and position of the teeth, color, something that’s reversible that you can look at and get a sense of how it looks. With models, we can create a new smile with wax and you can have a sense of looking at this and see changes that you’re going to incur. We encourage people to bring in photos of smiles they like that we can use as a guide in creating a new smile for them.

And so, the final way is when we want to begin treatment, you will wear temporaries during the process of having porcelain veneers. And during this process you will get to live with your new smile - it’s like taking a car out and driving it around for the weekend - you find things you like and you don’t like. You’ll be able to get feedback from other people and we can make any modifications in the temporaries that you want so that we have the smile created that you desire before the final work is done.