How Do I Avoid Future Gum Problems, Surgery, or Tooth Loss? | Dr. Donald Wilcox

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Transcript: Patients who are very conscious about their heath are always concerned about where the heath of their gum tissue is and how is it effecting their overall health – what their future might hold as far as future needs for gum treatment, surgery, or even the possibility of losing teeth – which they don’t want to do.

So, we’re very thorough about checking the health of the gum and tissues when you come in for your, whether it’s a new patient visit or a recall visit, hygienists are thoroughly going to check all the areas – check the pocket depths – you’ll be educated and informed about the level of pockets and bacteria in your mouth. If there are areas where you’re having infection going on, we’ll certainly offer you nonsurgical treatments of periodontal therapies.

We have the use of antibiotics that can be placed locally to kill bacteria. Also, the use of lasers that can sterilize pockets and help regenerate them. So, we have all these available. We have bacteria testing where we can measure the level of bacteria in your mouth and be able to create a baseline of where you’re at, and we can check the after treatment to make sure we have the bacteria under control.

One thing that we do use in the office also, we offer our patients and use for long-term maintenance what we call the Perio Protect trays. I wear them myself, most of our staff does. It’s one of the most neat, and easy, and revolutionary ways to control the bacteria. They’re custom-fit trays that you have made here in the office and you take them with you to your home, and then once or twice a day you can provide medication inside of them and place them in the mouth, and they do a tremendous job of controlling oral bacteria in the places where the traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach.

So, when you combine that with your traditional home-care methods, it elevates the level of health in the mouth and your overall body.