How Do You Prepare My Teeth for Veneers? | Dr. Donald Wilcox, Glendale, AZ

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Transcript: One of the questions that perspective patients always ask is do their teeth have to be prepared for cosmetic dentistry, whether its veneers, bonding or whatever procedure we might be doing. In some cases, the answer is yes, some cases the answer is no. It’s totally unique and individual to the person.

If we can avoid doing any preparation on teeth, we certainly will go that route. I always give people sort of the example that if you’re going to build a house, you want to have a terrific foundation for it for the house to come out right. And sometimes you can maybe find a piece of property that doesn’t need any preparation or work to start that foundation, but oftentimes there has to be some work done.

So that is the concept of preparing teeth – it’s just if there’s old fillings, old crowns, areas of teeth that are too protruding – some of these things that are going to detract from the final, overall result, we certainly do want to prepare those or take care of them so we have a great foundation for your smile.  

If we can avoid preparation, we certainly will for you, because we are, along with you, wanting to conserve as much of the tooth structure as totally possible. But oftentimes the case will turn out to just be a combination of no preparation or minimal preparation, each tooth will be treated uniquely to create a great foundation so that we get a smile that you are totally satisfied with.