How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Patients who are considering having dental implants placed to replace missing teeth are often concerned about how long the restorations will last.

The most important factor in longevity of dental implants is, one, is there adequate bone placement for the implant? Is it going to have adequate support in the jaw? This is where the new 3-D technology and the CAT scans have come in to allow us to evaluate this in a much more accurate way and design a proper implant placement and size that is far superior to the old techniques previously that we had.

The other reason an implant can fail is initial infection at surgery. This is very rare but we always cover our patients with antibiotics prior to surgery to help ensure that this never happens to them.

The other case that can cause implants to fail is just overloading them. So you have to be sure that you're not putting too much stress on your implant or you're trying to ask an implant to do more than it can be designed for. So that's very important in designing the case that we over-engineer for strength rather than under and so that we're not worried about long-term loading of the implants and failure.

Your home care is important. Implants can lose gum and bone around them just as natural teeth can. We certainly will monitor this closely for you and make any suggestions if we see any problems along the way to ensure the long term health of the implant.

So all these factors come into consideration. Fortunately, implant success rates across the industry is above 90 percent at five years, and implants basically are an indefinite procedure if they're properly placed and well cared for.

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