How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

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Transcript: One of the questions that I am commonly asked about perspective cosmetic dentistry, especially if we’re doing porcelain veneers, is how long is the treatment going to last or how long will the veneer last. The answer is, really, indefinitely.

Everybody’s mouth is different. Each case is different. The forces that people put on their teeth are different. You have to realize that of all the restorations, you’re going to be using them probably three times a day, every day of the year, times the number of years. So, the amount of stress that teeth come under is terrific.

We oftentimes will do things at night where we will grind our teeth or clench our teeth, or we put extra stress on the restorations that we’re not aware of. But even through all this tremendous force that teeth are put under, porcelain veneers have a great history of longevity. I know mine personally, I have had mine on my teeth for over 15 years without any problems. We have many patients who are into the 20-some years without any problems.

What I tell patients is that each one’s length of time is going to vary and there is never a point where you are going to have to redo the whole case – it’s just if one tooth would happen to fail somewhere along the way. Among the most common reasons for a veneer to fail would be to chip or break – and fortunately that percentage is around the 2 or 3% range. So, if it happens to you, obviously it’s 100% and we follow up and take care of that for you. But there is nothing that we do in dentistry, medicine of any field that’s 100%. Fortunately, porcelain veneers are in the high 90% success-rate, longevity-wise for you.