How Long does it Take to Get Dental Implants?

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We provide dental implants here at Desert Smiles and we’re often asked how long the procedure takes, what’s all involved.

A dental implant is just basically a man-made root that’s placed in the bone to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The actual placement of the implant is a one-visit procedure. We do some preliminary work before that to ensure that we have the best available bone available through a 3D scan – and from that we will do a computer generated design of the implant, secure the best possible placement and position for that implant, and make a surgical guide to ensure it is placed there. This creates implant success well-over 95% on a 5-year basis.

We will then place a temporary restoration in the area of the missing teeth. We do not want to put the final restoration in/on an implant immediately because all of the literature shows that if you load an implant immediately, before it’s had time to adequately heal and integrate with the body, the success rate goes down. We don’t feel like this is worth the risk for long-term. But we will ensure that you have a very pleasing appearance, temporary -wise, that will meet your cosmetic needs during the healing period before the final restoration is placed – and this usually will happen in a three to four month period.