Insurance Coverage for Cosmetic Dentistry

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: We're often asked for patients considering cosmetic dentistry, "Is it covered by insurance?" And the answer is yes and no, sometimes partially.

We always do our best to obtain coverage for cosmetic restorations or any type dentistry for that matter. We have tremendously talented people in our front office who work with insurance all the time and do the very best to provide any benefit that they possibly can for you.

If the teeth that are going to be worked on have any old restorations or possibly they've had to have root canal treatment along the way, maybe there's old crowns they're replacing, usually these type of procedures are covered by dental insurance because they don't question the need for it.

Unfortunately, dental insurances don't see the value of a great smile, so if it's just unattractive teeth or teeth maybe that are worn or chipped, often times they won't cover that. We do our very best again to try and receive coverage for you, so in some cases we can.

We can always tell this beforehand, before you, if it's a factor in determining your budget with predeterminations, if need be, with the company, so that you'll know in advance your exact cost. And we will also have a number of financial options for your portion of the treatment available for you, and we will explain these and help you fit it into your budget as best as possible.

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