Key Differences Between Dental Implants and Dentures

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Prior to the implementation and the incredible increase in acceptance and success of implants, obviously traditional dentures were oftentimes the only choice that patients had when they suffered multiple teeth loss or where their teeth were not fixable or saveable long term.

Traditional dentures have a lot of drawbacks. One of them is if you're having an upper denture where roof of your mouth or your palette is, tends to be covered. It can make speech more difficult, it makes the taste of food less pleasing and not like you're used to prior to the placement. Lower dentures are a challenge for most patients to wear because they tend to not have good stability and stayability, so they're a balancing act a lot for a lot of patients. Traditional dentures tend to wear away the bone over time so if you get them at a fairly young age, the wearing of them is going to become more difficult with time.

We have found that the placement of dental implants in bone helps not only stop or slow or progress this loss of bone. It also creates better stability for the bone and muscle support of your face, creates a more youthful looking appearance. So the implants can be placed either for single missing teeth or if you're missing a whole arch where you've already had dentures, they can be placed to support dentures where they're still stable, the don't come in and out. They can be actually permanently in and create a totally different experience from something that is loose and ill fitting to something that's solid and pleasing in appearance and very highly functionable.

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