Passing The Torch After 32 Years at Desert Smiles

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Transcript: I’m Dr. Donald Wilcox. I have been the dentist here at Desert Smiles for the last 32 years. I think the biggest thing that makes our practice unique from other practices is our focus on building patient relations. Anybody can take care of teeth – obviously there’s lots of skill involved – but taking care of the person who has those teeth, that’s the challenge and also the most satisfying part and we’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with many fantastic patients who we’ve been able to have for many, many years and build terrific relationships with.

After 32 years of practicing here at Desert Smiles, I feel it’s time that I begin to phase out of dentistry. I’d like to spend a little bit more time playing golf and seeing the grandchildren, and doing some travel. My biggest concern was to find somebody who would continue the patient relationships, do quality dentistry, and take this practice to even better levels for the next 32 years.

We’re very excited about the fact the Dr. Tenney is going to be succeeding me in the practice of Desert Smiles. He has extensive training and experience – probably the most passionate person I’ve ever seen about dentistry – and he has a great heart for people. I’m very excited to be able to pass the practice on to him in the next few months.

My staff is all staying. They’ve met Dr. Tenney, spent time with him, and they are very excited to work with him. He’s certainly going to be my dentist and take care of myself and my family in the years ahead and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Hello, Desert Smiles Family. I’ve very humbled and excited for this opportunity. We all know Dr. Wilcox has had an amazing career and I’m humbled to pick up that mantle that he’s had here and to continue to progress and to take care of everyone. It’s truly a unique practice with a unique opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited. And with the staff that are here – what amazing people – and I am just very excited to meet each and every one of you. And I am excited to become your dentist and to take care of you as well as they have for so many years. And hopefully we have 30+ more years of great dentistry here.