Robert Graham Talks About his Smile Makeover at Desert Smiles Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

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Hi, my name is Robert Graham. I’m at Dr. Donald Wilcox’s office in Glendale, Arizona. I initially came to Dr. Wilcox to get some different options for my smile and my teeth. I had some really crooked teeth on the bottom row of my mouth and a couple crooked teeth on the top row – and I was also sick of whitening my teeth all the time. I had to use the white strips constantly and was, you know, really whitening my teeth a lot. So I came in and asked him for a couple different options. We went over a few different options and I actually decided to go with the veneers. I was able to get veneers on my top and bottom to adjust my smile – make it a little more bright and white and fix all those crooked teeth. One thing I really have to say about Dr. Wilcox is, you know, when you come to the dentist or orthodontist, you know, I know a lot of people are scared and kind of afraid of the treatments or getting work done to their mouth and their teeth and man, my experience was amazing. It was very very easy, painless, took hardly any time at all, he was able to really fix my smile and adjust my teeth in a – in one day – in a couple hours, which was amazing – and there was no pain. I mean, I had a little bit of, you know, numbness after I got the treatment, but within a couple hours I felt right back to normal – was able to eat and do all of things that I normally do on my day to day basis. So the experience was awesome, the results have been incredible, my smile is really white. It’s bright and I don’t have to continually whiten my teeth or wear, you know, different Invisalign or braces to get my teeth straight – so overall incredible experience. I highly recommend Dr. Wilcox. He’s done some phenomenal work. He’s been in Glendale for a long time and has won many awards for his cosmetic dentistry. So, if you’re looking to get any sort of cosmetic work done or just have an awesome dentist in general, I highly recommend Dr. Wilcox.