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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: A significant number of patients are very apprehensive about the dental environment that we're, I'm currently in here, and having dental treatment done with their teeth, either from bad experiences or discomfort that they've had. And so over time or for whatever reason, they become very apprehensive about treatment. We're very aware of this, we've treated hundreds of patients who are very phobic about having dental care.

There's a number of different options depending on your level of apprehensive, the amount of work you're going to have done. The simplest is using the nitrous oxide, commonly known laughing gas. It doesn't put you to sleep or anything but oftentimes patients find it helps them relax enough. It makes them less sensitive and less aware of what's going on. And it's enough to allow them for the dental visit to be much more pleasing and acceptable procedure for them.

People that are more apprehensive, we treat hundreds of them and our most common method is using what we call oral sedation. Oral sedation is where you take some pills prior to the treatment and after a 30-minute to hour period of time, you become very relaxed and basically out of it. Your memory is gone and you're not aware of what's going on with the procedure. You still have all your protective reflexes in place for safety, breathing and all those kind of things. You're monitored very closely with a pulse oximeter with all your vital signs and everything. But it, basically, when the appointment is over, you really don't remember what happened. You had your work done, you're able to walk out of the office, you need somebody to drive you home. It's a very pleasant way to have dentistry done, especially if you need extensive treatment.

Other levels would be IV sedation. We don't provide IV sedation currently in our office. We used to but we just found that oral sedation was so successful, less costly and easier for patients that we went that route. For severe medical compromises or whatever there are, outpatient centers or hospital settings for dentistry can be done, we have done that in the past. But again, with the oral sedation, we found that they were rarely needed. The disadvantage of that is they're extremely cost intensive, and can dwarf the cost of the dentistry.

So fortunately oral sedation is a great, inexpensive avenue available to you and that is our preferred method of choice.

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