Should You Worry About Bleeding Gums?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Patients often times present to the office and report to us that occasionally when they're brushing their teeth, they notice that their gums will bleed and are concerned is this something they should be worried about. And certainly it is definitely something that we are very concerned about here at our office.

Anytime gums bleed on brushing or upon having the hygienist check the areas in the mouth, it's a sign of an infection. Dental infections are becoming more and more known to be a severe effect on our overall health. Obviously having infected gums around the teeth is going to affect the bone and the gum health there, and can eventually, long term, lead to problem, lot of problems that might require surgery, even could end up with losing a tooth.

The other thing that we're even more concerned about now is the fact that when gums bleed that just means that the bacteria have a very open access to our bloodstream and so that they are gaining access to our blood stream. There's tremendous research now showing direct links between oral bacteria and heart disease and diabetes both.

So we're very concerned about our overall patients health. Not only keeping their oral health but also having a tremendous impact on their systemic health. And that is why we're very diligent about checking health of the tissue pockets and letting patients know the condition of their mouth and helping them maintain the level of bacteria in their mouth.

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