Teeth Whitening Options Discussed By Arizona Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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Bleaching of teeth is a very common cosmetic procedure that we’ve been doing for many years. There’s basically two different ways you can do it: in-office or at-home, or the tray-bleaching as it is more commonly called. We don’t do as much of the in-office bleaching as we used to with Zoom or these types of techniques. We just – no matter how hard we try, we tend to have kind of scattered results. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not as good as we wanted to. We found more consistency with the tray bleaching because you can control that.


The in-office is one procedure. It sometimes, if you have sensitive teeth to bleaching, the in-office can be very painful or you have to just abort the procedure and can’t do it at all. The other problem with the in-office bleaching is that it treats everything. And so oftentimes we’re doing cosmetic cases where we’re doing veneers or bonding on some of the teeth and keeping natural teeth in some areas. And so you’re bleaching teeth that have no benefit and you can also create extra sensitivity this way.


The nice thing about tray bleaching is that not only is it less costly, but you can control things so much better. If you have sensitive teeth you can control the strength of bleach that you use, the amount of time that you use it, you can even put fluoride in your trays to calm things down during the procedure if need be. And so you have so much more control over it. If you have one or two teeth that are more stubborn than others, you can just focus on those particular teeth to bleach them longer vs. the in-office where you’re bleaching everything at once.


It’s very economical to keep bleaching materials in your refrigerator. Over time you can touch-up as you need to. Because again, if you’ve done a combination case with cosmetic restorations and natural teeth, the natural teeth over time will relapse and you’ll need to touch them up to keep the color-match looking the way that you want it to. So in this regard, our home bleaching or tray bleaching is our favorite method, just because of all of the advantages and the more economical cost it provides for you, our patient.