The Difference Between Oral Sedation and IV Sedation

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Because of our use of oral sedation here in the office we’re often asked how well it works and how does it compare to IV sedation. I’ve done hundreds of cases of both. We had discontinued the IV sedation here in the office because we found that the oral sedation was just as effective and much easier and safer for us to provide dental care. Cause usually when people are having dentistry done under sedation they’re in our office we’re performing a large number of procedures at once, the oral sedation is slower to take effect. You’re using similar mediations as IV sedation, which provides sedation and amnesia which is great for the apprehensive patient, but the medications don’t wear off as fast so it’s easier for us to provide comprehensive dentistry. IV sedation is great for short procedures; maybe it’s getting wisdom teeth out or something that is a fairly short procedure. But for our comprehensive restorative or cosmetic cases where the work is going to take longer the IV sedation is certainly superior in our mind and much safer for the patient.

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