What are Porcelain Veneers?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Porcelain veneers are our most conservative and cosmetically pleasing restorations that we do here in the office for our cosmetic patients. They’re made out of porcelain, there’s a few different types that we can use but they all are very thin restorations that are very conservative and pleasing. They can change the color of your teeth, the shape, and the position of it. If your teeth are worn or chipped they can certainly strengthen them and restore them back to their normal appearance. We can do a small number of veneers, where there’s one veneer or sometimes it can be a total smile makeover. It’s very individual to each patient and their case and their desires. They’re very long lasting. We actually bond them to the tooth with a laser so it’s very rare that they can ever become loose, they basically become part of your tooth. They seal the remaining tooth structure extremely well so it’s rare that we ever have any problems with decay. The only reason a veneer can ever fail is it can occasionally chip or break; it’s a very small percentage of time, usually 2-3 percent range. If someone is a heavy grinder with their teeth at night or something like that, that can increase possibly the chance of failure of the veneer but we in those cases we will provide a night guard to protect the restorations so that you can get the most longevity as possible.

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