What Type of Crowns Does Cosmetic Dentist Donald Wilcox Use?

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Transcript: We’re often asked by patients what types of restorations that we use especially for, there’s many different types of crowns. Our primary focus is using the most cosmetically and stable restorations. We use almost primarily nonmetal restorations in our office. The most common is the all-porcelain restoration, E-Max, which we use for our veneers and most, majority of our crowns. In areas where there’s heavier loading, we use the porcelain to zirconium or an all-zirconium restoration. These are again nonmetal restorations – very pleasing in appearance – and they’re a great replacement for the previous restorations which had metal in them.

Gum tissue tends to like the nonmetal restorations much better and tends to be more healthy over time. You don’t have to worry about if the gum recedes that you get a dark line showing at the gum line, which you see with many of the old-style traditional crowns. So, you get better longevity cosmetically and the restorations are just as strong – holding up to biting pressure, grinding pressure, those sort of things.

For sedation patients, especially we will do the one visit CEREC crowns, so that they don’t have to go through another procedure. We can do these for regular patients. We don’t do them as much as we used to just because of the new materials that were involved with the E-Max is so much stronger than the old restorations used in the CEREC, but also the processing time is much longer so it’s not as convenient to do the one day as possible. But it is still available if you desire and we can work out the scheduling for you.