An October 2016 article in the Washington Post: “Does Gum Disease have a link to cancer, dementia, stroke?  One quote in particular from this article bears repeating: “While not definitive, the links between gum disease and diabetes, at-risk pregnancy, heart disease and stroke have been so consistent that some insurers offer extra preventive periodontal care a little or no cost to people with those conditions.”  The article goes on to state that treating gum disease resulted in lower medical costs, per the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2014.

The Post article’s focus is on the oral biofilm.  Offices which test for oral pathogens for periodontal patients as we do at DesertSmiles, realize the important role these bacteria hold in the initiation and progression of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, adverse pregnancy events, and a host of other systemic conditions. Dr. Robert Genco, from the Forsyth Institute was quoted “There is a complex microbiome, some of which seems to come from the mouth, in the fatty tissue of the heart walls where cholesterol and heart disease fester.”  This chronic and transient oral bacteria in the bloodstream contribute to artherosclerosis and can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Increasing the awareness of the mouth-body connection is what we do daily at our Glendale dental office with our professional dental hygiene staff.  We provide the finest in preventive and non surgical periodontal care including oral bacteria testing, antibiotic therapy, laser therapy and perio protect trays.  For the finest in cosmetic dentistry, sleep dentistry or dental implants for patients in Phoenix and Glendale, visit for more information or call 602-978-1790.

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