Phoenix-area cosmetic dentistry patients who visit Desert Smiles in Glendale because of cracked or missing teeth often find that no other solution is more effective than dental implants.


Exactly what is implant dentistry?


This is the dental industry term for doctors who are specially trained to place or replace dental implants, which are made from materials that integrate with your bone and tissue structure for the purpose of securing a restorative dental appliance such as a crown or bridge.


Dental implants often are the best substitute that modern dentistry has for natural teeth. That’s why implants tend to be a go-to solution for anyone with cracked or missing teeth.


Implants can take the place of a single tooth or more than one teeth. They can provide a base for dentures, or completely replace dentures.

Today there are many types of dental implants. So at Desert Smiles, Dr. Donald Wilcox will select the best implant for your unique cosmetic and general dentistry needs.


Four of the overall benefits of dental implants include:

  • Implants allow people who previously struggled to eat, chew or speak properly to again do those things with ease.

  • After receiving a dental implant, you will likely be able to integrate foods into your diet that you were not previously able to eat.

  • Implants delete the need to use denture adhesive.

  • Dental implants greatly improve your smile, which goes a long way toward enabling you to look and feel your best.


If you live in or near Phoenix or Glendale, Arizona and need a comprehensive cosmetic dentist to place or replace a dental implant, please contact Desert Smiles online through this website or call our office directly at 602-978-1790 to book a consultation with Dr. Wilcox.

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