Some people think of cosmetic dentistry as a collection of procedures, such as teeth whitening, but that isn’t really the essence of the discipline. Cosmetic dentistry is not a certain procedure or group of procedures–it’s a dental philosophy. It is dentistry practiced with the awareness that part of your teeth’s function is to look great every time you smile. It also builds off the fact that healthy teeth are attractive teeth, and generally vice versa.

Cosmetic dentistry is like general dentistry, but with an extra emphasis on great-looking results that last. It’s easy to see cosmetic dentistry in something like porcelain veneers–it’s obvious that porcelain veneers should make your smile more attractive. But they can also protect and strengthen your smile. If your teeth are uneven because of a chipped tooth or a crooked smile, your bite may be inefficient, putting stress on the other teeth, which can lead to their failure as well. Or it could result in neuromuscular dental problems such as TMJ. And damaged or crooked teeth likely have more harborages for bacteria and food particles, making them harder to clean.

But what is the benefit of cosmetic dentistry for someone seeking a dental crown? Ideally, like porcelain veneers, a dental crown should make your smile look more attractive because it looks better than your damaged natural tooth and matches the other teeth in size, color, and luster. This also helps your crown to last longer. A well-proportioned crown will last longer because it doesn’t experience or cause as much wear. It will also be less likely to result in neuromuscular issues because it will harmonize nicely with your existing bite.

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