Veneers are custom made porcelain shells placed over your existing teeth to eliminate a number of cosmetic imperfections. Porcelain veneers can cover teeth that are chipped, cracked, unevenly spaced, gapped, irregularly sized, and severely discolored, but must be carefully created to provide you with the winning smile you deserve. Porcelain Veneers Process The process for creating and placing porcelain veneers takes two office visits. During your first office visit, Glendale cosmetic dentist, Dr. Donald Wilcox, will take photographs of your smile and make an imprint of your teeth. These will be sent to our dental lab partners who will create your permanent veneers to the specifications of Dr. Wilcox. After a mold has been made, your teeth will be prepared by gently removing a small amount of your natural tooth enamel and you will be fitted with temporary veneers to be worn until your second visit. Your second visit will allow you to look at and approve your veneers. If they meet your qualifications, Dr. Wilcox will affix them with a laser to help ensure long-term restoration. If you live in or around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, or Glendale, Arizona and are considering smile restoration with porcelain veneers, please contact Desert Smiles Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wilcox today.

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