An estimated 30 percent of Americans fear the dentist. If you fall into this category, sedation dentistry can ease your anxiety and help ensure your dental experience is a positive one. At Desert Smiles, our qualified Glendale sedation dentists want you to be relaxed and comfortable during your dental treatment.

Dr. Donald Wilcox DDS and his dental team will use an oral sedative to produce a state of conscious sedation. You will be awake, but in a sedated state during oral surgery. This means that you will be able to respond to requests, but will remember little if anything about the procedure.

The most common medications used in oral sedation are in the group called benzodiazepines. Our Glendale sedation dentists commonly use the sedative agent Triazolam, a sedative in the same family as Valium. Triazolam is a safe sleeping agent, categorized as a schedule IV substance, meaning that it is only one category higher than aspirin. In more than a million dental sedations monitored by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), there have been no recorded incidents of severe complications or death resulting from the use of this drug.

The benefits of oral sedation include:
•A small pill makes it easy to administer
•The oral medication is safe and easy to monitor
•Ability for patients who fear the dentist to have successful surgery
•Low cost
If you fear the dentist, please contact the sedation dentists at our Glendale cosmetic dentistry office today to learn more. Desert Smiles also serves patients throughout the Peoria, Arizona area.

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