A winning smile is considered to be more than just a sign of the health and attractiveness of your teeth. Although it is certainly that, it is also considered be a sign of who you are as a person, and based on your smile people often make judgments about your character and personality. Here are just a few of the assumptions people make about you based on your smile:

  • Age–if your teeth are discolored or short, people automatically assume you are older
  • Personal habits–if a person sees your teeth are discolored or in poor health, they may assume you do not take care of them and may assume you are equally sloppy in other areas such as work habits
  • Class–people assume that poor people are more likely to have unattractive smiles
  • Friendliness–If you are uncomfortable about the appearance of your smile, you may not smile as wide, and anxiety in your eyes can be read as hostility

If you find yourself facing these kinds of assumptions because of the state of your smile, you can either live with the effects and simply try to overcome them with your youthful energy, fastidious habits, and winning attitude or you can get a smile makeover to improve the appearance of your smile. Procedures like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and gum recontouring in a smile makeover can whiten, lengthen, and improve the appearance of your smile to give you the confidence to let your personality show through the first time and every time you greet someone. To learn more about a smile makeover and how it can help you to get a confident, attractive, younger-looking smile, please contact Desert Smiles today.

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