At Desert Smiles, a general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Glendale, Arizona, we treat Phoenix-area patients for everything from basic gum disease prevention to total smile makeovers.

We know that bad breath is a vexing (and often embarrassing) issue for people around Phoenix and nationwide.

According to the American Dental Association, there are six dominant causes of bad breath. These six bad breath catalysts are:

  • Bacteria: Your mouth is home to a variety of naturally occurring bacteria. The bacteria left behind by chewed food can be especially powerful when it comes to producing foul mouth odor.
  • “Cotton Mouth”: If you’re feeling thirsty, this could be a sign that you’re not producing enough saliva, which is key to providing a natural cleansing process inside of your mouth. If you’re dry-mouth is chronic, you may want to bring up the issue with our Glendale cosmetic and family dentist. You also can help counter dry mouth on your own by drinking plenty of water to stay well-hydrated.
  • Gum Disease: Bad breath can be a sign of this larger, widespread health problem, which contributes to cavities and a variety of other dental and medical health problems.
  • Your Diet: Some foods are naturally pungent, like garlic or coffee.
  • Smoking and Tobacco: In addition to staining your teeth, smoking or chewing tobacco also inhibits your ability to truly taste your food, and it irritates your gums. Also, smokers are at a higher risk for the severe gum disease that precipitates cracked, damaged or missing teeth.
  • Medications or Disease: If you are brushing and flossing daily yet your bad breath is persistent, you should talk with the dentist as well as your family physician about the possibility that you may be experiencing another health issue that can cause bad breath such as diabetes or kidney disease.

At Desert Smiles, you’re more than a statistic to our dentist, Dr. Wilcox. So if you’re experiencing an ongoing bad breath problem, please call our general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Glendale, Arizona today to schedule an appointment with our Phoenix-area dentist: 602-978-1790.

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