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Microdental Lab

Scottsdale MAC Veneers PatientsPhoenix area Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Wilcox recently visited Microdental Laboratories in September ‘07, the home of “Mac” veneers, located in Dublin, CA.  Microdental Lab is a state of the art facility.  It occupies four floors in a beautiful building.  Each floor houses a “company within a company”.  These “companies” are run by teams and each team is responsible for a select number of dental offices. Our team is led by Young Kim and Gloria.  Their goal is to take each case and make it perfect. What that means to you, the patient, is that direct communication between Dr. Wilcox and his Mac team is a simple phone call or email. 

Our office receives several phone calls a week on our cases, just to double check the instructions Dr. Wilcox has delivered.  You might wonder why we are so excited about our lab.  They do GREAT work and they are constantly working to improve their quality and expertise.  Digital Technology is the wave of the future and they are already positioning areas in the lab to be ready to take this new direction.  Dr. Wilcox also has on site equipment that will coordinate these efforts, such as our cad-cam system. 

When you are looking for the best in a Phoenix or Glendale cosmetic dentist, considering the lab used should be an important factor.  We would invite you to look at the Microdental website to see their state of the art facility, their credentials and their commitment to excellence. With outsourcing to countries such as China, it is nice to know your smile is made in the USA.

A new smile is even better when it is made with exceptional care and attention.  Dr. Wilcox's team at Desert Smiles and the Mac team make it happen.  Check it out at www.microdental.com. Contact us for a free dentistry consultation if you are in the areas of Phoenix, Glendale, or Scottsdale, Arizona.