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Glendale Overlay Denture Patient ImageWe hope none of our patients ever require dentures. When those cases do arise where all or most of the teeth are lost, overlay dentures provide a superior alternative to traditional dentures.

Overlay dentures are prostheses that are supported either by two or more natural teeth or dental implants that are retained under the denture. They are restored with various types of attachments or bars which support and retain the prosthesis. The denture will have clips placed internally which snap onto the bar when the denture is inserted. Neither the bar nor the clips are visible once the denture is in place.

The retained roots help hold the denture securely providing greater confidence and ability to chew properly. They help retain the bone that is lost when a tooth is extracted. This lessens the negative facial changes normally associated with tooth loss and denture wearers. Bone is also retained for implants in the future if needed.

Even compromised periodontal situations can hold up remarkably well as this technique greatly reduces the torque on the retained teeth. Maintenance is daily brushing and regular dental check ups and prophylaxis. Poor home care or lack of monitoring by your dentist can lead to decay or bone loss causing the case to fail.

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Implant Supported Denture (Internal View)

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Implant Supported Bar Attachment

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Implant Supported Denture

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