Office Comfort Amenities

Here at Desert Smiles, we understand not everyone is as excited about dentistry as we are. During your visit, we would like you to feel as comfortable as possible. Some of the options we provide to help with your comfort level are soothing eye masks, weighted blankets and televisions. We also provide sedation and nitrous oxide as needed. Feel free to bring your own headphones if listening to your own music or a podcast helps you to relax and feel more comfortable during your dental appointments.

Many of our patients enjoy using our comfortable eye masks during procedures to help them feel more relaxed. Eye masks block out artificial light and have a calming effect that can be beneficial when having dental work done. Try just the eye mask or bring your own headphones as well to add another level of comfort.

Weighted blankets are just what they sound like, blankets that have a little more weight to them. These help to reduce stress and promote calm. Our patients enjoy using these to help ease anxiety and keep them warm during their dental experience.

Each room has a television should you need distraction and entertainment during your dental appointment. YouTube TV is available to provide access to live television and pre-recorded shows with plenty of options to meet everyone's needs.

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