Gum Lift

As part of the smile design process for cosmetic dentistry cases in Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Nathan Tenney will always evaluate the health and appearance of the gum tissue. We tend to think of a smile as being comprised of teeth only, but the amount, symmetry and contour of the gum tissue can make or break the final result.

In the cosmetic dentistry done by Dr. Tenney, a common problem is asymmetrical gum tissue. The gum tissue is oftentimes lower on one front tooth than the other, creating the appearance that one tooth is longer than the other. Porcelain Veneers such as MacVeneers or Durathin veneers look remarkably better when the tissue contour is correct.

Another common problem is displaying too much gum. This is commonly referred to as a "gummy smile". The teeth appear to be too small but actually they are normal size but just covered with excess gum tissue. How are these problems corrected?

In most cases all that is required is to contour the gum tissue to a more esthetically balanced appearance. Our dentist uses a diode laser to accomplish the results shown below. This technology is remarkable. There is very little evidence any procedure was done even immediately following. The laser creates no bleeding and very little post-operative discomfort. The healing is so rapid no delay in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as placing porcelain veneers is needed.

In severe cases, contouring the tissue alone is not enough. In these circumstances the bone at the front of the root may have to be reduced. There is also a procedure where the upper lip can be relaxed to allow less gum to show. We normally work in conjunction with a periodontist when these procedures are required.

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