Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

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Phoenix Tooth Contouring ImageThe reshaping of your teeth through cosmetic dentistry is a procedure that involves the removal of a very small amount of tooth structure to help achieve a more desirable smile. Chipped or fractured areas are smoothed out, overlaps decreased, and specific angles or edges can be rounded or squared. Contouring creates better alignment and can create a more feminine or masculine smile. It is sometimes done to prevent chipped areas from getting worse. On occasion dark surface staining can be lessened prior to teeth bleaching for a better result. Contouring teeth may also help correct small problems with your bite.

The teeth are sculpted with a sanding drill to remove small amounts of surface enamel gradually. Then the teeth are smoothed and polished. The procedure is quick, simple, painless, and inexpensive.

Tooth reshaping is a conservative way to improve the appearance of your smile. Since teeth can become weaker or sensitive if large amounts of enamel are removed, this procedure is limited to minor changes or combined with porcelain veneers, Durathin veneers, Lumineers, or cosmetic bonding for a terrific smile. If your teeth were uneven because you grind them, they will become uneven again until the grinding issue is resolved with a nightguard.

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